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Aaron successes are the fruit of values transmitted by his parents and coaches throughout their learning experience. These values are the core of the Academy and will be taught to students in all areas of the programme.

Positive core values such as effort, self-discipline, friendship, overcoming adversity, humility and respect are tentamount with our Academy and are the pillars on which we base the trainings and overall development of the students. 

The Academy is comprised of a team of experienced coaches, who are still actively involved in the new era of badminton, and hence allowing the transfer of new knowledge to the students. 

Aaron Tan

Founder & Coach

Former national badminton player, Aaron, is the academy's head coach. He represented Singapore in international tournaments, 2006 Commonwealth Games and won Bronze in the 2003 SEA Games and Silver in the 2007 SEA Games.


"I am very impressed with the high quality training for my child at aforzesports.  The coaches are all very professional demanding high standards and at the same very nurturing and patient working with the kids.  Double thumbs up!"

Ow Fook Chuen

Father of Ian Ow Ky-Ren


"All the coaches are very supportive, caring, committed and enthusiastic. Maximum participation, every individual kids is well catered for. The training programme progresses in intensity according to the kids level of play, which definitely a pro."

Diana Tan

Mother of Darrius Tang


"Most importantly the team of coaches  have a heart for the total development of the trainees. Professionalism, trustworthiness and skills are a given but passion and heart for the sport and our kids are the differentiator!"


Edwin Lee

Father of Ethan Lee


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